Loveland Robotics Boosters

Thank you for supporting Loveland Robotics Boosters. Your donation helps support 26 robotics teams of students in the Loveland City School District.

For more information, please contact us a

Thank you so much for being one of our long-time sponsors @ProcterGamble! Learning about new manufacturing techniques is always exciting via different site visits and plant tours. We are so excited to return to Take Your Kid to Work Day again soon!

Thanks again to @ProcterGamble for the continued support you are showing our robotics teams. Because of your lasting support, we can’t wait to compete in FTC events once again this year! #FIRSTforward #omgrobots


Yes! Huge thanks to @BionicTigersFTC and @Robotics5040 for supporting this event and their classmates! This tournament couldn't happen without our FTC teams who help with every aspect of it and give so many local teams the opportunity to compete!!

LHS VEX Teams 10565A and 10565B both advanced to the elimination rounds Saturday, and 10565A was the captain of the 5th seed alliance. Congratulations to both teams on a great start to the season!


Our LMS and LHS VEX teams kicked off their competition season Saturday at the Loveland VEX tournament. Great to see some very competitive robots and nice skills scores posted at their first tournament! And congratulations to LMS Team 97310 B for winning the Sportsmanship Award!

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